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Here at we offer consigned and used boats for sale, our main office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Please feel free to browse our selections, with images and descriptions of all boats and personal water crafts.  Feel free to call 702-456-7011 with questions about boats or even about adding your used boat to our online gallery

Boat trader website postings

Many websites allow just anyone to post an ad, this can seem appealing to a ton of buyers.  The main issue with websites like this, are old or fake ads that seem to good to be true.  The website owner does not care because it brings traffic, but the quality of inventory is low to poor.  This is why at we update our website daily, as we do strive to offer relevant and correct postings that helps both buyers and sellers.

Classified listings VS buy owner

Sure you can browse those popular websites with classified listings of used boats and cars, but be warned you could come across a lemon or even worse get scammed.  The main reason anyone would want to use is, we fully inspect every listing to ensure all statements on the ad are 100% true.  Along with providing any additional information that might be missing, we can do this now because of our exclusive sign up process.

Las Vegas Boat Shop

Nevada Boat Company helps inspect all our marine listings, you can also call them for more information at 702-456-7011.  They have been helping boat owners in Las Vegas for over the past 22 years, gaining the trust of the local Las Vegas marine community.

Lake Mead Marina

Most people don’t know that Las Vegas even has a lake, but Lake Mead is not only there but one of the best places to go boating in Nevada.  Yes the water has dropped in the years, but still in some places it can be over 60’ deep or more!  With over 15 square miles of water to go boating, you can really enjoy all marine activities from wakeboarding, to house boats cruising for pleasure.  Just be sure to check out your boat or personal watercraft before hitting the water.  The last thing you want is to breakdown in the middle of the water.  Be safe and happy boating!